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“Yes or No, Never Maybe”

Fuel oil has been used for heating homes in New Jersey for over 75 years. The EPA has estimated that there are over 100,000 unknown or undiscovered Under Ground Storage Tanks (USTs) in New Jersey alone.

GPR Tank Sweep is the premier Tank Sweep service,

providing commercial grade technology at a

residential price.

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A leaking Oil Tank can be the Nightmare below the surface of your dream home.

When Oil Tanks leak, they contaminate the soil and possibly the groundwater. If the property is purchased with a leaking tank, the new buyer is responsible for all future environmental cleanup cost. The property cannot be sold until the EPA issues a clearance certificate. Environmental cleanup cost can range from $10,000 to over $100,000 depending on how much fuel oil leaked into the soil or groundwater.


This cost is not covered by most home owner insurance policies. GPR Tank Sweep is fully insured under a professional liability policy of up to two million dollars and has the capability of being transferred to new home buyers after a report has been issued.

Find confidence

in our FIVE step Investigation

  • Visual Inspection

  • Ferromagnetic Detection (Metal Detection)

  • Electromagnetic Tracing (Fuel Lines & Vent Pipes)

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • Rod Probing

GPR Tank Sweep uses the newest non-invasive subsurface technology and training to provide the safest and most accurate methods for locating underground storage tanks.

It is important to know the difference between the typical “tank sweep” and what we provide.


The typical “tank sweep” is completed with a simple metal detector. If they find something they say “maybe it’s a tank or maybe something else”.


We perform multiple “re-sweeps” each week for clients who had hired (and paid) an alternate tank inspector to determine if the “anomaly” they found was actually an underground fuel tank.


When we perform a tank sweep, we use over $30,000 in specialized equipment and utilize 5 techniques including Ground Penetrating Radar.

We provide a report that tells you

YES or NO, never maybe.


When the GPR scans over an oil tank, it provides a very distinct bell curve. Due to its unique dimensions, it is unmistakable from other undeground anomalies.


* Oil Tanks tend to rest 3 – 4 Feet Below Ground Surface and are typically 8 Feet in length


Hear what our clients have to say.

Natalie S.

From past family experiences w/house purchases having oil tanks, I was very adamant of having an oil tank sweep all around the house including the low grounded nailed deck. I did my research (basic metal detectors are not good - false readings at times especially where there are nails).

I came across GPR One Call and called for a quote / a few inquiries on how they sweep. I was directed to Sue via email and just by reading the auto reply, you are informed the type of services given. I was able to schedule a sweep that same week and others made it difficult due to the July 4th holiday but they accommodated. A specialist, Troy arrived and checked the inside of the house for signs of pipes and he did 2 rounds or so outside the house and gave a definite answer to the oil tank sweep. Very professional and responsive via email / phone and on time, which is SO important when you are working with three people's schedules). Moreover, their Professional Liability covers errors and omissions. As you can tell, I recommend them!
I recommend them!

Eric M.

Efficient and fast. My company has never had an issue with their work or scheduling, as they accommodate what we have asked each and every time.
Efficient and fast.

Abby A.

Sue in the office is fantastic and a pleasure to work with. Troy came out to do our tank sweep and he was courteous, knowledgeable and professional. All in all I had a great experience with this company. I felt confident that there was no underground tank on the property because of the equipment they use and the information they provided on site, as well as in their report.
I felt confident


Terms and Conditions: Scope of work is limited to a 30′ exterior perimeter of house and to underground fuel oil tanks made from steel only (unless noted otherwise). Both GPR and EM measurement are remote sensing methods and, in some instances, due to interference, site conditions or other geophysical limitations, do not reveal data which may be indicative of subsurface anomalies. Therefore, GPR One Call cannot guarantee that every subsurface object will be located at every site and cannot be held liable for failure to detect USTs, subsurface objects or utilities in areas where site conditions prevent detection. Site specific conditions such as air handling units, generators, aboveground storage tanks, metal fencing, sheds, rebar or wire mesh laden concrete, etc. will prohibit a complete investigation of the property. Areas under crawl spaces, decks, structures or additions are specifically excluded.